Employment Agencies In New Jersey

Welcome to UNITEMP Temporary Personnel.

We are a specialized human resources support organization providing flexible staffing solutions to employers.

At UNITEMP, temporary and contract staffing is what we do. Since 1969, we have provided employers with the finest administrative, technical and professional temporary employees…and we have helped talented people find the most rewarding temporary employment.

Why Use Temporary Help?
Long and short term strategic staffing provides companies with the ability to meet their objectives and address changes in business requirements, restructuring, new lines of business, sick calls, vacation time, special projects, and seasonal peaks.

We specialize in providing flexible “smart staffing” solutions to help employers:

  • Reduce overhead
  • Meet deadlines
  • Complete all types of projects
  • Tackle new initiatives
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Access expertise as needed
  • Fill staffing gaps resulting from disability, maternity leave, vacations, resignations or terminations
  • Complete all types of projects
  • Get more work done

Discover more about UNITEMP’s Staffing Services.

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