10 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Staffing Service

Just as you’d prepare a list of questions to interview a job applicant, you should also take the time to interview a potential staffing provider.  When selecting an agency, the American Staffing Association recommends that you consider several factors.  The following list will help you choose the right staffing firm for your needs:

  1. Reliability.  Is the company well-established with a good reputation in the community?
  2. Recruiting.  Is the agency’s recruiting program aggressive?  What kind of database does it maintain?
  3. Testing.  What are the company’s testing and evaluation requirements?
  4. Retention Programs.  How long do employees stay with the company?  If the company retains employees for a long time, you’re more likely to be sent qualified workers when you need them.
  5. Professional Permanent Staff.  How experienced are the company’s permanent staff members?
  6. Knowledge of Your Needs.  When you talk with the staff, do you feel confident that they truly understand your needs?
  7. Prompt Service.  How quickly can they fill your needs?
  8. Quality Control.  What type of quality control procedures are in place?  Does the company check back after your order has been filled?
  9. Insurance Protection.  Do they have adequate insurance to protect you against workers’ compensation claims and other problems that might arise?
  10. Guarantees.  Does the company offer any type of guarantee?  What happens if you are dissatisfied?

Now it’s our turn to ask you a question:  What is the most important factor you consider when selecting a staffing service?  You may leave your comment below, or contact us via e-mail.  The more we at UNITEMP know about your needs, the better equipped we’ll be to meet them.

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