Post-Recession Staffing Strategies to Help Your Business Grow

Well, it’s official – the recession is technically over.  The economy grew 3.5% in the third quarter this year, according to the BEA’s (Bureau of Economic Analysis) quarterly GDP report.

Sure, the recovery is going to take awhile.  Consumer spending is still down; unemployment is still high; the foreclosure crisis is still playing out nationwide.  And unfortunately, your business may still be stuck in a rut of stale, survival-mode thinking.

But as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, our economy will improve.  So get a jump on your competitors by planning now for the growth that’s around the corner.  These quick tips will show you how to leverage staffing to prosper in 2010.

Test new ideas.  Before you commit to hiring direct staff to implement a post-recession business concept, you can test your idea with temporary employees.  These temporaries can assume a direct role, or they can fill in for your staff members involved with testing the new idea.

Try before you buy.  Once your need for staff increases, temp-to-hire services can mitigate hiring decision risks.  You can literally try employees out on the job, to see how they perform and fit into your corporate culture – before extending an offer for direct employment.

Manage rapid growth.  A good staffing service can function as an extension of your human resource department.  By taking the time to learn and understand your business, they can help you quickly and cost-effectively recruit temporary employees who will succeed in your work environment.  Establish a good relationship now, so that you’re ready to “explode out of the box” when the upturn hits.

Access the knowledge you need.  Staffing firms allow you to bring in the expertise you need on a short-term basis.  These experts, especially temporary technical and professional staff, can be used to complete growth initiatives related to anything from new business lines to system upgrades.  Alternately, these highly skilled temporaries can teach new skills to direct employees in your organization.

Meet immediate personnel needs.  Most staffing companies, like UNITEMP, maintain robust applicant databases.  They can often instantly identify candidates who have the skills, experience, and personality traits that match your work environment.  These competent temporary employees can fill in until you’ve found the right people for direct hire.

UNITEMP is ready to help your business grow.

Even if your business isn’t experiencing post-recession growing pains yet, now is the time to prepare.  Contact one of our staffing experts today to discuss your goals for 2010, and how we can provide the temporary and contract staff to help you achieve them.

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