Results at Work: UNITEMP Facilitates a Controlled, Cost-Effective and Simplified Takeover

At UNITEMP, we want to make staffing simpler and more effective for you.  We examine the challenges you face in your business, and then develop solutions that deliver the results you need.  The following case study demonstrates our Results at Work:

The Problem:

Poised to acquire one of its largest competitors, a grocery chain in the Northeast faced several obstacles.  This client needed to integrate and consolidate not only its staff and facilities, but its systems, data, processes and vendor relationships as well.  They called UNITEMP to help them meet the challenge.

The Solution:

We worked proactively with this client prior to the acquisition, preparing staffing scenarios, developing a comprehensive needs analysis, and creating job descriptions and skills requirements.  Then, we recruited candidates in advance of client needs, to ensure qualified applicants and temporaries were available in the pipeline.

UNITEMP recommended the strategic use of temporary staff to focus specifically on key areas of the integration planning.

  • Data Comparison & Cleansing Utilizing split screen technology, our employees visually compared non-food products of the two chains for similar yet different products.   The staff then researched the products via Excel analytics and mainframe look-ups.  They identified errors and made adjustments to product barcodes, streamlining the company’s ability to track sales.
  • Process Refinement UNITEMP provided analysts to create updated company process flow, structure and organizational charts.  We also placed a user requirements analyst to help understand the total user / system process, and how those two portions completed the total system.   All these employees used strong communication skills to interact with and translate between business and technical people.
  • Inventory Control Additionally, the new system integration created special demands on the distribution center and its inventory control systems.  UNITEMP assigned staff members to work closely with the center’s inventory control staff and their internal data management team.  Together they accurately cross-checked inventory and continually monitored daily reports, process data and count items.  The information obtained was used to make necessary inventory adjustments, while both systems were run concurrently until the final cutover.

The Results:

By acquiring the specific skills needed on a temporary basis, this client was able to successfully complete the integration in approximately one year.  UNITEMP provided the targeted resources this grocery chain needed to manage the takeover in a controlled and cost-effective manner. 

“UNITEMP has provided my team with great resources; has handled any issues with professionalism and been able to meet needs with a moment’s notice.”

–          Integration Manager, 4/09

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