UNITEMP’S “Economic Stimulus” Plan

New Jersey Employers Saved $32K with
“No Premium on Overtime” Feature in 2009

 Hackensack, NJ – How much did your staffing provider really save you last year?  UNITEMP clients added up their savings in 2009, and the results are impressive:  New Jersey employers saved $32,115.30 on overtime premiums alone with UNITEMP’s “No Premium on Overtime” feature.

Overtime premiums are the greatest moneymaker for temporary help firms.  This is precisely why UNITEMP, New Jersey’s leading provider of “smart staffing solutions,” stopped charging customers an overtime premium – commonly 1.5 times the hourly rate for a temp.

Ted Kissel, President of UNITEMP Temporary Personnel, knows that while customer satisfaction is not based solely on price or savings, these factors do carry a lot of weight.  Kissel explains, “When I tell overtime-using customers that the price for an overtime hour is the same as the first hour, they are puzzled.  ‘What?’ they always ask, ‘What about the employee?’  I explain that the employee is paid time and one half, as required by law, but that there is no increase in the customer’s bill rate.”

Why would the New Jersey staffing firm do this?  “To get a leg up on the competition and to do what is right for the customer,” continues Kissel, “‘UNITEMP saves customers 33.33% on overtime’ sounded good to me in 1991, when I rolled out the program, and the concept has never become obsolete.  Customers large and small continue to appreciate the savings they generate.  But unfortunately, many customers are still paying premiums on overtime, don’t know about the program, or think it is a hoax – which is so far from the truth.” 

Most staffing users don’t realize that the profitability on temporary help overtime is 50% greater than regular time.  Do the math yourself.  Take the difference between $10 as a pay rate and $15 as a bill rate. The difference is $5.  Now, multiply both the pay rate and the bill rate by 1.5 and take the difference again.  The difference is $7.50. 

“At UNITEMP, we’ve always conducted our business with fairness and integrity.  We felt uncomfortable gouging good customers with overtime premiums back in 1991 and still do today.  So, we continue to thank our customers each day with a 33.3% savings on overtime,” says Kissel.  ‘No Premium on Overtime,’ the brain child of Kissel in 1991, was originally designed as a universal approach to customer appreciation.  The service continues to deliver significant client savings nearly 20 years later.

Follow the link for a demonstration of the power of UNITEMP Temporary Personnel’s “No Premium on Overtime.”

“No Premium on Overtime.”  Good for customers.  Good for employees.  Good for UNITEMP’s customer relations.

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