Today’s Staffing Industry: An Overview

A little perspective is a good thing.

As a staffing firm, we at UNITEMP try to learn all we can about your business and industry – because better understanding leads to better staffing results for your company. 

Today, I’d like to turn the tables.  Here are a few key facts and statistics, compiled by the American Staffing Association, that will help you better appreciate our business and the U.S. staffing industry:

  • Number of workers.  America’s staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs – every day.  On an average day in 2008, U.S. staffing companies employed approximately 2.6 million workers.  All told, staffing firms hired an estimated 11.2 million temporary and contract employees in 2008 alone.
  • Industry size.  In 2008, the staffing industry generated roughly $86.2 billion in sales:  $70.7 billion from temporary and contract staffing; $15.5 billion from search and direct placement.
  • Number of U.S. staffing companies.  Approximately 6,000 staffing firms, operating roughly 20,000 offices, are currently operating and have been in business a year or longer.
  • Areas of growth.  The fastest industry growth is occurring in professional and technical staffing.
  • Factors affecting industry growth.  America’s work force is changing.  More people are looking for the flexibility that temporary work provides.  Additionally, employers are tapping into the flexible labor market to keep fully staffed during peak periods.

Want to learn more?

Visit the American Staffing Association’s website to view and download reference documents that provide current information about the U.S. staffing industry.  To learn more about the services and benefits UNITEMP offers, please visit our website.

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