UNITEMP Goes Green

Electronic Timesheet Technology Saves Time, Money – and the Environment

Hackensack, NJ – UNITEMP employees go green while they earn their green.  The leading New Jersey staffing firm has recently implemented an electronic time capture process that has completely eliminated paper timecards.

Why?  “We employ literally hundreds of workers each year,” says Ted Kissel, President of UNITEMP Temporary Personnel.  “As you can imagine, our old mail-in, five-part paper timesheets were both inefficient and wasteful.  Like many employers, we wanted to find a way to do our part for the environment.  This new paperless technology facilitates our efforts to go green, while streamlining the process for clients and employees alike.”

Using web, e-mail or phone technology, each UNITEMP employee now enters his work time from the office, on the go, or from home.  After his timesheet is completed and submitted, UNITEMP’s customer receives an e-mail request to review and approve the electronic timesheet.  Once approved, the data moves directly into UNITEMP’s payroll system.   “Our paperless process gives customers the freedom to approve timesheets on their own schedules, and the process is green,” says Kissel.  “No paper, no regular mail, no delays and no problems!  Everybody wins with our new electronic timesheets.”

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