UNIPLAN – Your Third Option

Smart Staffing Alternative Helps NJ Employers Save Money and Retain Key Employees

Hackensack, NJ – It’s not easy to layoff good employees when business slows down.  That’s why money-conscious businesses are using UNITEMP Temporary Personnel’s “Third Staffing Option,” UNIPLAN®, to retain key employees without the expensive burden of benefits.

The UNIPLAN® concept is simple.  After a layoff, a client company identifies individuals they would like to retain and dictates those individuals’ pay rates to UNITEMP.  At the client’s request, UNITEMP hires these individuals and returns them to their former jobs at a substantially reduced cost.  UNITEMP becomes the individuals’ employer of record and invoices the client for the hours worked.  Benefits beyond those mandated are available at the direction of the client, including: vacation pay, bonuses, holiday pay, incentive pay, health and welfare benefits, and an instantly vested safe harbor 401(k).

UNIPLAN® provides a number of advantages to employers.  First, there are no limits on the length of time UNIPLAN® employees can stay on UNITEMP’s payroll.  Additionally, transferring a UNIPLAN® employee back to corporate payroll is free.  UNIPLAN® helps clients keep direct headcount low, with no commitment, no unemployment and no tax or benefits expense for UNIPLAN® employees.

“The flexibility and cost-effectiveness UNIPLAN® offers companies is phenomenal,” says Ted Kissel, President of UNITEMP Temporary Personnel.  “I can’t think of a better way for a company to have the people it wants at such a great price.”

UNIPLAN® is also an attractive option for any company that just wants to save money on payroll and benefits administration.  In this case, a client locates, interviews, evaluates and recruits applicants, and then determines their pay rates.  UNITEMP then arranges to hire and pay them under UNIPLAN® as employees of UNITEMP.

Other examples of UNIPLAN® applications include: special projects, accommodating seasonal peaks, returning laid-off employees, relief during staff training periods and rehiring of retired employees.

UNIPLAN® Your Third Option – a smart staffing alternative to temporary help and direct hiring.

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