Using Temporary Employees to Drive Profits: A Case Study

Demand drives profit.  Cost-containment drives profit.  Efficient processes drive profit.

But can temporaries drive profits?

Absolutely.  By deploying the right staffing strategy, you can greatly enhance your ability to control costs, improve productivity and manage risk.

Need proof?  If so, you’ll appreciate the following case study of a business that discovered the profitable benefits of strategic temporary staffing:

CASE STUDY:  Enacting New Plans

The Challenge:  A public transportation department decided to expand service offerings by building a new trade and transit center.  They needed to hire ten additional employees, ranging from bus operators, to service reps, to a project manager – all under a tight budget, and without the help of a human resources department.

The Solution:  The transportation department relied on a staffing service to source candidates, using a combination of advertising and database searches.  To fill the positions quickly – without sacrificing quality – they used several service options, including temporary hires, temp-to-direct options and direct placement.  The staffing firm also developed specialized application forms to gather critical records such as background check releases and drug screen consent forms.

The Results:  Thanks to this staffing services’ recruiting capabilities, the transportation department reviewed at least three qulified candidates for each position.  And using their hiring system, all of the positions were filled on-time and within budget.

By outsourcing the recruiting process and using temporary and temp-to-hire services, the department shifted and reduced overhead expenses.  In doing so, they enjoyed significant cost savings.

Productivity also improved.  Because staffing specialists focused on recruiting and hiring, the department’s employees could concentrate on core job concerns.

Finally, the transportation department minimized their exposure to hiring risks.  By taking advantage of temp-to-hire services, the department was able to try out potential employees on the job before extending an offer for employment – thereby reducing their chances of making bad hiring decisions.  Legal exposure was also reduced, because the service followed non-discriminatory hiring practices for direct hires and assumed all tax and reporting requirements for temporary employees.

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