The Business Advantages of Temporary On-Demand Personnel

If your business is like most, you’ve already tightened your belt, trimming your core staff and budgets, to weather the recession.  You’re running a “lean and mean” organization – with just enough people to get the job done.

This is a great position to be in from an expense standpoint, but what are your plans when business picks back up?

Now is the perfect time to explore the business advantages of temporary on-demand personnel:

  • Get the skills you need – only for as long as you need them. A staffing service can provide individuals to work part time, full-time or overtime, any shift you require.  You pay only for their productive work hours and never have to worry about layoffs or unemployment claims once their work is done.
  • Quickly staff-up to handle business surges. When business picks up, it takes a significant amount of time to recruit, hire and train workers.  On-demand staffing allows quick access to the skilled temporary employees you need, so you can capitalize on upturns in business – before those opportunities pass you by.
  • Make a staffing budget – and stick to it. On-demand temporary personnel provides the additional capacity you need to get work done, without additional personnel expenses (payroll processing, overtime, benefits, etc.).  You may even be able to beat your budget by ending assignments early, once the work is done.
  • Take the pressure off your direct staff. Running “lean and mean” is great for controlling expenses, but it can take its toll on your direct employees.  As their stress increases, so do problems with quality, output, attendance and turnover.  Temporary personnel can alleviate the pressure.  They can help your staff avoid burnout, improve quality and productivity, all while keeping turnover to a minimum.


Maximize the benefits of on-demand temporary personnel with UNITEMP.  Since 1969, we have helped New Jersey employers like you quickly access the finest administrative, technical and professional temporary and contract employees.

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