Why Temp-to-Perm May Not Yield the Best Hire

Over the years, so many companies have called UNITEMP and placed and order for a temporary employee on a temp-to-perm basis.  The “try before you buy” concept does work in some cases; but frankly, I don’t think it’s the most effective way to consistently produce the best hires.


Consider how likely it is that the superstar employee you’re searching for will be interested in starting as a temporary employee.  And if this individual is willing to work as a temporary for you, consider how committed he will be to your company.  In reality, he will have one foot out the door and will be looking for a full time job, too.

In my experience, companies that place temp-to-perm orders want to “hold all of the cards.”  But in reality, they often lose out by choosing this option.  So what’s the best way to consistently make the best direct hires for your company? 

My advice is to get a temporary immediately and simultaneously begin your search for your full-time employee.  If the temporary works out to be THE person, that’s great – you can address the option of converting that individual when the need arises.  But in the long run, temp-to-perm is not the best way to find the superstars your company needs.

Need a great temporary employee for an immediate vacancy while you search for a full-time replacement? 

Contact UNITEMP, New Jersey’s Temporary Help and Contract Employment Specialists, today.  We’ll quickly locate a qualified, hard-working individual to fill the opening while you conduct your search.

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