Test the Temps with UNITEMP’s Guarantee

UNITEMP is an independently owned staffing service dedicated to serving the needs of New Jersey employers.  Our mission is to be the strong “flexible staffing” partner you deserve.  Simply put, we’re committed to your success.

One way we fulfill that commitment is by resolving problems quickly and completely.  While we’re confident in the quality and reliability of our temporary and contract employees, we put your satisfaction first.  That’s why we offer a full first day unconditional guarantee.

The UNITEMP Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with a UNITEMP employee, notify UNITEMP before the end of the first day.  UNITEMP will assume full responsibility for the employee’s compensation and cancel all charges to you.

When you work with UNITEMP, rest assured that our employees will perform for you – guaranteed.  So put us to the test!  The next time you need a skilled administrative professional, please give us a call.

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