Leading NJ Staffing Firm Helps Employers, Employees Weather the Recession and Slow Recovery

Hackensack, NJ – While leading economists debate over whether or not we’re “double-dipping,” UNITEMP Temporary Personnel focuses on designing smart staffing solutions to help both employers and employees weather these tough economic times.

The leading New Jersey staffing service continues to provide area employers with qualified short- and long-term temporary and contract staff across a wide range of skill sets.  These contingent workers help organizations control fixed labor expenses, meet tight budgets and free core employees to focus on revenue-generating activities.

During a recession and subsequent recovery, “Managers want and need to save money and meet their expense budgets exactly.  UNITEMP specializes in staffing customer ‘not-to-exceed’ purchase orders for temporary personnel.  Meeting budgets is exactly what our purpose is,” says Ted Kissel, President of UNITEMP Temporary Personnel.

UNITEMP’s services also greatly benefit local job seekers.  The staffing firm’s contract and temporary assignments help individuals:  earn money while searching for direct employment; avoid résumé gaps; keep job skills sharp and up-to-date; gain valuable networking contacts; and stay positive and productive during what can be a very difficult time – both emotionally and financially.

“Of course, each job helps us put one of our valuable employees to work,” says Kissel.  “And in spite of the sporadic, spontaneous and sometimes abrupt nature of temporary work, many people are glad to do it.”  To find out more about current openings, Mr. Kissel encourages New Jersey job seekers to visit the Search Jobs page on UNITEMP’s website.

UNITEMP Temporary Personnel provides short- and long-term temporary and contract staff within a wide range of skill sets, including the following:

• Administrative & Office
• Accounting
• Banking & Finance
• Bilingual
• Communications
• Education
• Information Technology
• Human Resources
• Legal Support
• Marketing & Sales
• Medical Support
• Call Center
• Customer Service
• Technical
• Engineering
• Manufacturing
• Services
• Project Support
• Real Estate
• Insurance
• Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
• Mining
• Transportation
• Utilities
• Wholesale Trade
• Retail Trade
• Public Administration

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