Temporary Help Validated with Pre-Employment Testing

You know him.  That temporary employee, who, on paper looks great – years of experience, just the right skill set, a real “team player” – but on the job?  Not quite as impressive.

Over the years, many of UNITEMP’s clients have shared stories of how other staffing services have sent them workers who just didn’t perform up to expectations – despite the staffing firms’ claims that the individuals were “tested.” 

We know how critical it is for our employees to do what they say they can do.  That’s why we use ProveIT! Skill and Behavioral testing to enhance our screening process, by leveraging cutting-edge technology to achieve superior results.  With over 1,000 validated assessments for clerical, software, indstrial, healthcare, financial and technical job classifications, ProveIt! allows us to test our candidates with confidence. 

Here are just a few of the benefits this service provides:

  • Measure candidate skills with certainty.  Kenexa ProveIt! has a thorough validation process that adheres to EEOC guidelines for both job performance and personality traits.
  • Instant test results.  Results for both skills and behavioral assessments are available immediately, via e-mail or the Internet.
  • Customized tests and reporting.  At your request, UNITEMP can work with ProveIt! to develop proprietary testing to meet your unique requirements.
  • Best of all, we perform this testing free of charge to you. 

It’s just one more way UNITEMP makes good on our promise to consistently provide the finest administrative, technical and professional temporaries for New Jersey employers.

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