Quick Tips for Better Job Postings

Before you click the “Submit” button to upload your next job posting, consider the following:

  1. Make sure the title accurately describes the position.  Consider including common keywords qualified applicants are likely to use when searching for an opening.
  2. Provide a comprehensive list of skills and qualifications.  Differentiate between those that are required, as opposed to desirable.
  3. To reduce the submission of unwanted résumés, be clear about:  salary range; start date; years and type of experience necessary; essential certifications; and required tests and/or background checks.
  4. The Internet has created a global workforce.  Make sure you supply details about where the job is located, and whether or not telecommuting is possible.
  5. Provide clear instructions for application.  Give candidates multiple methods of applying.  Be sure to list e-mail address, fax number, mailing address and the contact person’s name and job title.
  6. Include preferences or equal opportunity statements.
  7. When posting to multiple sites, assign unique job codes for tracking leads.  This step will help you monitor the quantity and quality of leads coming from each site.
  8. Keep in mind that if you send an announcement to an e-mail list or newsgroup, it will likely be picked up by any number of websites and forwarded, re-forwarded, etc. – and you will have no ability to control the accuracy or content of these listings.
  9. Don’t use all caps in your posting online.  It is the printed equivalent of YELLING. (See?)
  10. Copy and paste from a simple text editor, and avoid special codes or characters used in word processing software.
  11. Always, always proofread for content and check your spelling.

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