Change is Good – The Strategic Job Change for New Jersey Job Seekers

Should you stay or should you go?

In a time when good jobs are harder to find, you may be tempted to just “stay put” – even if your current position lacks the potential you desire.  But if you look at your career from a strategic point of view, there are several reasons why it makes sense to change jobs every few years:

Find your career passion. Career passion is an essential component in long-term success.  How passionate are you about your current role?  Does your work take advantage of your biggest strengths?  If not, you may want to explore career opportunities that will spark more engagement and key into your natural talents.

Broaden your experience and skills. Every job has an initial learning curve during which you acquire invaluable knowledge, skills and experience.  After a few years, however, you become competent in your current role.  Learning diminishes, as does your professional development.

Increase your earning power. When you strategically seek out opportunities with greater responsibility, you accelerate both your promotion cycle and wage /salary increases.  Be careful, however, not to make a strategic change based solely on pay.  Keep your work/life balance, career passion and long-term development in mind as well.

Considering a Job Change?

If you are thinking about making a strategic job change:

Create a plan. Develop a focused vision of where you want to go – and what you want to do – in your new role.  Write it down and use it to guide you as you make important career decisions.

Get advice and help if you need it. UNITEMP‘s employment experts can help you:

  • Critically analyze your experience, strengths and goals, to map out a strategy for your long-term career success.
  • “Test the waters” in a temporary or contract position – allowing you to build new skills, try out different types of jobs / employers, and find your employment niche.
  • Access unadvertised temporary and contract opportunities in New Jersey that may promote your career development.

Want to learn more?  Contact a UNITEMP Recruiter today.

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