Short-Term and Temporary Personnel Boosting 2011 Profits for New Jersey Employers

Hackensack, NJUNITEMP Temporary Personnel is delivering a much-needed economic “dose of reality” to help bolster the health of New Jersey’s economy.  The leading temporary staffing service promotes the use of short-term and part-time temporary personnel and is now reporting that customers taking UNITEMP’s recommendation are more economically efficient and profitable.

The “profit boost” makes sense to Ted Kissel, President of UNITEMP Temporary Personnel.  “Temporary personnel can be expensive,” states Kissel, “driven in part by required skill sets.  As customers determine that significant skills are no longer needed, different, less expensive temporary employees are appropriate.  The underutilized and unproductive time of highly skilled people reduces customer profitability, whether they are temporary or permanent.”

Even though UNITEMP benefits from the extra hours of highly skilled people, Kissel advises customers to save their money for future high-end projects.  “Many companies are using long-term temporary personnel, some for forty or more hours each week and with no project end or intent to hire full-time,” says Kissel.  “Smart managers are now changing their approach to become more calculated and definitive when it comes to temporary staffing.  The price then becomes less relevant and the return on investment soars.”

UNITEMP does even more to keep costs down for employers.  For customers unable to reduce temporary hours, UNITEMP charges no premium on overtime – something virtually unheard of in the staffing industry.  “I decided in 1991 we could help all our customers with our ‘no premium on overtime’ policy and haven’t charged overtime since,” states Kissel.  UNITEMP’s NPOT saves employers 33 percent on time-and-a-half.

The bottom line?  Overtime savings, combined with more precise usage of temporary personnel, is helping UNITEMP clients boost their profits in 2011.

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