Profitable Temporaries: Ways Temps Can Drive Profits in Your Organization

Admittedly, business is not quite “booming” again, yet.

But if your business is like most in New Jersey, you’ve probably maxed out the productivity of your existing workforce.  Budget cuts, layoffs and uncertainty about the recovery have forced employers to stretch their core workforces to the limit.  If increasing productivity of core staff isn’t feasible for you, you have to look for other ways to drive profits in this economy.

Temporary employees can be a great way to enhance profitability – even in times like these, when you may be hesitant to hire staff directly.  Here are just a few of the ways temps can drive profits in your organization:

  • Fill-ins: Keep your operations running efficiently by using temporary employees to fill in for employees on vacation, medical or military leave, jury duty or other short-term absences.
  • Seasonal support: Control personnel costs by using temporaries to supplement core staff during your peak work periods.
  • Job Shifting: When capacity constraints occur, move your core staff to focus on your most critical work functions and use temporaries to back fill the easier administrative and support tasks.
  • High Turnover Positions: Some job functions have inherently high turnover rates.  Using temporaries can alleviate the stress and expense of constantly finding replacements.
  • Project Expertise: Temporaries are not just for clerical and industrial situations.  Professional and technical temporaries can offer the expertise you need to successfully implement critical projects – and you only have to pay for the expertise as long as you need it.
  • Capitalize on New Opportunities: Ever forgo an opportunity due to a lack of resources?  Use qualified temporaries to evaluate new opportunities without adding overhead, or to free your staff to work on the new projects.
  • Pay Only for the Skills You Need: As your temporary staffing needs change, pay close attention to the skill sets of your existing contingent workers.  When appropriate, switch out overqualified temporaries for less expensive ones, whose skills more accurately match your needs.

UNITEMP:  Boosting 2011 Profits for New Jersey Employers

There is virtually no limit to the ways in which UNITEMP’s temporary and contract employees can be used to enhance your profits.  For more ideas, we invite you to schedule some time to sit down with us and discuss your goals, challenges and opportunities.  Together, we will help you brainstorm the most cost-effective means of managing your staffing requirements.  Call UNITEMP today.

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