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Are you looking for work with an employment agency in NYC and New Jersey? Or do you need to find a reliable resource for competent employees, ready to do the job at a moment’s notice? Whether you’re a skilled individual looking for work or you need a good provider of temporary help, we invite you to review the resources here at UNITEMP, an NYC and NJ employment agency serving the New Jersey area since 1969.

Don’t go it alone in your search for the perfect career advancement opportunity! With the help of UNITEMP, you’ll have access to the best tools and resources from the leading employment agency NJ provides. Just take a few moments to explore our site in greater detail to learn about the excellent advantages we’re currently offering job seekers, including:

  • Terrific variety of jobs
  • Competitive pay
  • Excellent benefits
  • Flexible hours
  • Helpful, knowledgeable staff

Temp Employment Agencies in the New Jersey Area

With the tools you’ll find for free on UNITEMP.net, finding a new and perfect job can be much easier than you think. The big job-hunting sites are overflowing with applicants from all over the United States, and unlike our temp employment agencies in New Jersey, their sites are packed with scams and insincere offers. But UNITEMP.net only lists legitimate, high-quality and in-demand positions with local, growing and successful companies. Start exploring our employment agency NJ opportunities today by using our job searching tool and our online career boards. You can also find your very own Personal Job Search Agent to help guide you through the process and match you with the opportunities that best match your experience, education and other qualifications! We make it easy for you!

NYC, NJ Job Services

If you’re looking for a temporary employee pool, welcome to UNITEMP of NJ. Job services are provided for many locations in New Jersey and New York City.

See the “customers” page and find out how short- and long-term staffing services can help you complete jobs, fill in for vacation time and sick calls, handle high-demand times, or accommodate a restructuring or new business line. Whatever your need for skilled, competent, screened personnel, you can turn to UNITEMP of NJ, where employment agency standards are set for the staffing industry. We’ve raised the bar on staffing services: Count on UNITEMP to deliver so you can get the work done.

Staffing fields include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Call center, customer service
  • Marketing, sales and project support
  • Human resources, administrative and office support
  • Medical, financial, technical, IT, graphic design, engineering and legal support
  • Education
  • Bilingual

Search Part-time Jobs in NJ

If time is of the essence, you can simply get started right away and search part-time jobs in NJ. Go to the “Search Jobs” page, input your preferences, and search. If something sparks your interest, go ahead and apply, although you’ll need to create your free UNITEMP account by providing your email address and creating a password.

This account will help in the quest for great staffing positions. You can save searches, set up alerts so that you can be notified when appropriate positions become available, and send job details to other job seekers. And be sure to log in regularly and check out all of the great resources available at this employment agency—NJ employment help is here.

Employment Opportunities in New Jersey

We’re fortunate to live and work in one of the most prosperous and active business communities in the country. But if you’re still having a hard time locating great employment opportunities in New Jersey, UNITEMP is standing by with the best part-time jobs in NJ. You can get a better idea of what we can do to help by exploring our online job listing engine right now! Just search from among the finest New Jersey job listings and let us know if you see an opportunity you’d like to pursue! Being one of the leading employment agencies in NJ, we’ll carefully match you up with the employer that provides the most appropriate match, and you can start advancing your career and increasing your future opportunities!

New Jersey Employment Agency Standards

  • We conduct targeted marketing in our search for select individuals to employ as temporary personnel. These candidates are top-of-the-line administrative and technical employees who are naturally skilled and well versed in achieving a quick acclimation to your organization and filling the role you need them to fill for whatever time frame you need.
  • This New Jersey employment agency offers solutions for your temporary staffing needs, not just a replacement employee to fill a temporary gap. This mindset is what sets us apart from the competition. By being an ally in your staffing needs, we will save you money.
  • Many of the staff we discharge are multitalented across a number of industries and skill sets. Once you let us know the type of candidate you are seeking, we will find the ideal member. We are also happy to take on any challenge you may pose as far as finding a temporary employee with a very specific skill set—just ask!
  • Not always the case with other employment agencies, New Jersey based UNITEMP takes great pains to carefully manage risk. We continuously monitor our employees, making sure all paperwork is up to date and take care of other administrative duties, such as workers’ comp and more.
  • We are committed to excellence every step of the way.

There is much more to see and do, so be sure you explore the entire site, and read our articles to learn why we’re consistently outperforming the other temp employment agencies in New Jersey. You can begin your working relationship with the ultimate New Jersey employment agency by submitting your resume using our site, or you can just give us a call at 1-800-UNITEMP to ask questions or to take steps towards arranging an interview.

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