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Employment Opportunities in New Jersey

The United States, and the world, is going through an economically trying period. If you are trying to find a job in New Jersey, you may be extremely disappointed with the advertised New Jersey job listings. It is easy to get discouraged and it is easy to convince yourself that there are no good jobs available.

This is not the case. There are excellent employment opportunities in New Jersey through UNITEMP. We are able to place personnel every day. Unlike other NJ job services, UNITEMP specializes in temporary employment. Although many people automatically assume temporary positions are low wage, UNITEMP is able to offer excellent pay and benefits.

Find a Job in New Jersey

It is important to be flexible during difficult times. Although you may not have ever considered a temporary position, it can be an excellent way to find employment. We can help you find a job in New Jersey. Companies come to us to find the best possible personnel for their vacancies. UNITEMP is able to connect companies with the finest available temporary employees. We are able to offer excellent wages and competitive benefits. When you work with UNITEMP, you can even qualify for a number of bonuses, training and even paid vacations.

UNITEMP NJ Job Services

We are not able to accept everyone. However, if you have at least two years of experience in your field and qualify for our team, we can connect you with excellent employment opportunities in New Jersey. Many people mistakenly believe that temporary employment agencies are only for unskilled workers. This is not at all true of UNITEMP. If you are looking for employment in industries such as graphic design, marketing or IT, we are able to connect you with positions other NJ job services cannot.

Finding Great Employment Opportunities in New Jersey

UNITEMP is a reliable source for temporary and contract staffing, providing workers and employers a solution to both of their problems (finding great workers or finding a great job!). We offer some of the best employment opportunities in New Jersey by providing potential employees a comprehensive list of all the New Jersey job listings. All of our applicants are part of a highly skilled work force that is actively seeking employment in the administrative and office field.

By using UNITEMP to help you find a job in New Jersey, you can look forward to outstanding benefits, competitive pay, more flexibility, more variety, and a number of full- and part-time jobs in NJ to choose from. Applying with UNITEMP can help you secure a position in anything from a local, small business to a Fortune 500 corporation. We even help make you more marketable to companies that are browsing for individuals such as yourself by allowing you to acquire a multitude of skills with each varying assignment.

We Can Help You Find a Job in New Jersey

UNITEMP employs certified staffing professionals that will interview you upon your arrival at one of our offices, and ensure that you get the right fit for your qualifications.

Before we can help you find employment opportunities in New Jersey, we will have to assess your current skills, finish your application, and give you a personal interview. We are not only interviewing you based on your skills, but we are also judging your level of professionalism based upon your appearance and mannerisms. This will help us find the perfect placement for you.

Many of the companies that hire staffing through us need individuals that possess a certain level of professionalism and sophistication. Our interview process can also be considered a screening process; although you may have the skills necessary to complete tasks that are assigned to you, you also need to conduct yourself in a professional manner that we require all applicants to conduct themselves in. After you’ve successfully passed your interview, we can begin to help you find a job in New Jersey.

Connecting Employment Opportunities in New Jersey

UNITEMP is a unique employment agency connecting employment opportunities in New Jersey with job seekers and providing employers with on-demand access to qualified support staff. In over forty years time, UNITEMP has connected tens of thousands of employees with temporary employment opportunities, and the matches created at UNITEMP have effectively served both parties involved in the employment process in a meaningful way.

If you’re an employer looking for employment agencies in New Jersey to fill your temporary staffing needs, consider the vision of Ted and Molly Kissel, the brother and sister team responsible for carrying on the UNITEMP founder’s vision. UNITEMP is committed to providing flexible, cost-effective staffing solutions, and to do so, Ted and Molly Kissel have created in their own staff; a team of Certified Staffing Professionals (CSPs), Technical Services Certified (TSC) Professionals and Professionals in Human Resources (PHR). All of UNITEMP’s staff members are experts in their fields, and eager to deliver results for you and your organization.

Choosing from among employment agencies in New Jersey is not a decision to be taken lightly, and at UNITEMP, we understand the importance of excellent staff. We have our own excellent team and we can help you fill yours. Contact us today for additional information.

Employment Agencies in New Jersey

If you’re seeking employment, we have not forgotten about you. Submit your resume and an application to UNITEMP by clicking the applicants/employees link at the top of our website.

In addition to being able to submit your information, you will find information about the employment opportunities in New Jersey that UNITEMP most often fills, as well as several reasons to choose UNITEMP over other New Jersey employment agencies.

Continue browsing UNITEMP.net for additional information, and contact us today to connect with the right staff member or job opportunity for you.

Explore our website and you will soon learn why UNITEMP has been an industry leader for almost four decades. If you think you will be a good addition to our team, contact us and arrange to come to our offices to complete the application and testing required.

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