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Comprehensive Job Search in New Jersey

UNITEMP Temporary Personnel is the ultimate tool for your job search in New Jersey.

At UNITEMP, our team of recruiters works tirelessly to provide highly skilled and professional employees to clients and part of that involves recruiting those individuals for our pool of talent. If you’d like to be considered, UNITEMP would like to know more about your qualifications, and to connect you with potential employers seeking your particular aptitudes.

All Meadowlands Jobs New Jersey

UNITEMP is always on the lookout for clients, and by being on top of the local job market, UNITEMP is familiar with all the Meadowlands jobs New Jersey has to offer, as well as any other areas you may be looking in. UNITEMP is a resource for your job search in New Jersey, and for that reason, we strongly encourage you to sign up for membership to our website today.

Working with UNITEMP is an excellent way to find a job in rough economic times, to obtain a more challenging position, or to create more flexibility in your work schedule. For four decades, UNITEMP has been offering opportunities that fit your skills and interests, as well as opportunities for employers to find the best person (people) for their open position(s).

UNITEMP consistently fills jobs in all of the following fields:

  • Customer Service
  • Administrative & Office Work
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Support
  • Medical Support
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

NJ Job Search

Start your career here. Just graduated and ready to do something besides serve lattes? Run your NJ job search here first thing every morning and make the most of this employee/employer meeting room we’ve been building since 1969.

That’s a long time. For more than forty years, UNITEMP has been providing NJ job services, both to companies looking for good help and to talented individuals looking for a way to get their foot in the door of a promising career. So in addition to other things you’re doing to get a decent job in New Jersey, do this: bookmark Every day, come by for a bit and see what’s here. If you don’t see new opportunities in your NJ job search, we invite you to take advantage of other resources offered here. It doesn’t hurt to know more.

NJ Job Services

You can get a quick rundown on what’s available to UNITEMP employees by visiting the “applicants/employees” page and clicking on NJ job services temporary or contract employee benefits, including:

  • Referral bonuses – Get paid to help out a friend. If you are a former or current UNITEMP employee and you know someone who’s looking for a good job, send them to us. If they are hired and work for at least 35 hours in the three months after being hired by UNITEMP, you’ll earn some cash.
  • Training opportunities – This is one of the beauties of modern times. When UNITEMP was growing in the seventies, eighties and nineties, we sure didn’t have anything like the training system we offer our employees. Check it out!
  • Hours-worked bonuses – Get rewarded for being a star UNITEMP player!
  • Vacation pay in the first year of employment with UNITEMP – Work 1500 hours and get a week of paid vacation. Work 2000 hours and get another week’s paid vacation time.
  • Health plan options – See what’s available to you at moderate rates. We’re committed to our great part-time and contract employees and it shows here.

Your New Jersey Job Search Resource

When you need to find work quickly, UNITEMP is your strongest resource. Our New Jersey job search services and New Jersey job listings are so effective because we maintain the highest quality employment contacts in the area. At any given time, there are dozens of great, in-demand positions at some of our region’s most distinguished and up-and-coming employers for you to search through! The NJ job search you’ve been using might not be granting you access to any of these leading opportunities. Make sure you’re not missing out by supplying your resume to us right now! Give us a call and we can be your strongest resource in finding the perfect job.

If you’re interested in positions associated with any of the fields above, as well as call center positions, bilingual work, legal support, marketing, sales and more, UNITEMP offers a variety of positions with competitive pay, outstanding benefits, and more flexibility than other job placement firms. For all Meadowlands jobs New Jersey has to offer, or for jobs in other areas, submit your resume today.

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