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Top Advantages of Temporary Employment

August 3rd, 2010

Recently downsized or laid off?  New to the workforce?  Looking to earn extra cash?  Trying to break into a new field?

Consider working as a temporary.  Today’s staffing firms employee millions of individuals in virtually all fields of work, from day labor to executive, and offer a variety of advantages:

  • Flexible work options.  Work when and where you want to work.  You can work only during school hours, take the summers off, or take an extended break.  As a temporary employee, you have the freedom to accept assignments that work with your schedule.
  • Employee benefits.  In addition to a paycheck, many temporary staffing agencies provide benefits to their workers.  These benefits typically include vacation pay, sick pay, access to medical insurance and a 401(k) plan, and are available to employees who fulfill certain employment requirements.  Be sure to inquire what benefits are offered when you apply or interview.
  • Opportunities for direct employment.  Temporary assignments allow you to get a foot in the door with an employer.  If an employer is impressed with your skills, work ethic and job performance, he can work with the staffing firm to offer you direct employment.
  • Gain experience.  If you’re a recent graduate, re-entering the workforce, or would like to make a career transition, working as a temporary can help you gain valuable on-the-job experience.  In addition, many staffing firms offer free training to build or enhance your skill set.
  • Variety.  If you enjoy new experiences or are unsure about your career path, temporary work can provide the variety you need.  You can test out different jobs, companies and industries – without long-term commitment – and find out where you fit best.

Ready to take the next step?

Join the UNITEMP team.  We’ll provide you with a rewarding temporary assignment that offers the variety, flexibility, benefits and job experience you need.

The Business Advantages of Temporary On-Demand Personnel

July 6th, 2010

If your business is like most, you’ve already tightened your belt, trimming your core staff and budgets, to weather the recession.  You’re running a ”lean and mean” organization - with just enough people to get the job done.

This is a great position to be in from an expense standpoint, but what are your plans when business picks back up?

Now is the perfect time to explore the business advantages of temporary on-demand personnel:

  • Get the skills you need – only for as long as you need them. A staffing service can provide individuals to work part time, full-time or overtime, any shift you require.  You pay only for their productive work hours and never have to worry about layoffs or unemployment claims once their work is done.
  • Quickly staff-up to handle business surges. When business picks up, it takes a significant amount of time to recruit, hire and train workers.  On-demand staffing allows quick access to the skilled temporary employees you need, so you can capitalize on upturns in business – before those opportunities pass you by.
  • Make a staffing budget – and stick to it. On-demand temporary personnel provides the additional capacity you need to get work done, without additional personnel expenses (payroll processing, overtime, benefits, etc.).  You may even be able to beat your budget by ending assignments early, once the work is done.
  • Take the pressure off your direct staff. Running “lean and mean” is great for controlling expenses, but it can take its toll on your direct employees.  As their stress increases, so do problems with quality, output, attendance and turnover.  Temporary personnel can alleviate the pressure.  They can help your staff avoid burnout, improve quality and productivity, all while keeping turnover to a minimum.


Maximize the benefits of on-demand temporary personnel with UNITEMP.  Since 1969, we have helped New Jersey employers like you quickly access the finest administrative, technical and professional temporary and contract employees.

How New Jersey Employers Can Identify High Performers

May 18th, 2010

Superstars.  Overachievers.  High performers.

Whatever you call them, you know your company’s success depends on hiring and retaining them.  The following list will help you identify what sets the best and brightest apart:

  1. They have found their focus.  High performers know their strengths and have found an expression for their talents in the workplace.
  2. They are forward-thinkers – about projects and their own careers.  To thrive, they need to know how what they’re doing now will impact the future.
  3. They are accurate appraisers – of peers, projects, and themselves.  They can spot talent in co-workers and chinks in their competitor’s armor.  Likewise, they recognize their own weaknesses and strive to improve them.
  4. They are self-managers.  Research has shown that high performers consciously apply a systematic approach to every project they tackle.  This disciplined approach makes them more organized, productive, and fulfilled.
  5. They are intrinsically motivated.  While money is undoubtedly important, high performers are fueled from within.  Their need to attain personal and organizational goals is often as great a reward as compensation.
  6. They are optimistic.  High performers see the glass as half-full.  They tend to treat obstacles and setbacks on the job as temporary and therefore surmountable.
  7. They respect other high performers.  Rather than focusing on hierarchy, high achievers operate within a society of mutual respect.  As a result, they will lend a hand to others with talent and help them flourish.
  8. They are results-oriented.  These individuals won’t sit quietly and do a job just because they’re told to.  Top performers need to know how their efforts affect the organization’s “big picture,” and measure their efforts in terms of bottom-line results.
  9. They take risks.  “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is a personal mantra among high performers.  They do their homework, accept change easily, and are calculated risk-takers.

UNITEMP’s staffing professionals are experts at identifying high achievers who will perform well in your organization.  We offer a variety of staffing services to deliver the best and brightest for you.

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