Welcome to UNITEMP®

UNITEMP® wishes you great success on your assignments, and we look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.

Please review this information carefully, it will better prepare you for your temporary assignments.

Please remember that while on assignment, UNITEMP® is your employer. While UNITEMP®‘s customer will supervise you, all employment-related inquiries, concerns or comments are to be addressed to UNITEMP® directly.

We expect you to be punctual, productive, reliable, dependable, well groomed and professional every day of the assignment. Your performance will have a great impact on your future opportunities with UNITEMP®.

Assignment procedures

Our Staffing Professionals will discuss the terms of assignments as they become available, including job description, responsibilities, estimated length of assignment, location, pay, etc. If you are able to commit to the assignment, you will be considered further.

Before accepting the assignment, consider all information presented carefully before committing:

  • Are you available during the specified work hours?
  • Will you be able to get to the job every day?
  • Is the location and commute reasonable for you?
  • Are you comfortable with the job description and job responsibilities?
  • Do you agree to the pay rate for the assignment?
  • Do you have any scheduled conflicts during the estimated period of the assignment?

If all the answerd above are yes and you are able to commit, you may be offered the assignment. If you are selected for an assignment, you will receive additional information including the customer name, the person to whom you will report, work location, environment, etc.

When to call UNITEMP®

  • With inquiries, questions or comments regarding your employment with UNITEMP®.
  • When you are running late or unable to report to your assignment. UNITEMP® will contact the customer.
  • When you are ill.
  • When you are injured on assignment.
  • When the job description is different from the actual job.
  • When the job description changes.
  • When you are asked to, AND before, you drive a car or operate a motor vehicle or other machinery.
  • When you are asked to lift objects weighing over 35 lbs.
  • When you have any reason to believe the work you are asked to perform is illegal or would cause you any unnecessary physical risk. We do not send employees to private residences.
  • When a UNITEMP® customer offers you a full-time position.
  • When you have a change of address or phone number.
  • When or if you are asked to handle negotiable cash instruments (cash, credit cards, checks).
  • With timesheet questions.
  • With paycheck questions.
  • Within two business days following each assignment completion.
  • When your assignment has been extended.
  • If you are asked to do something you believe is unethical, unsafe or illegal.

Our office hours are 8:30 to 5:00, Monday thru Friday with an answering system available to take detailed messages if calling after business hours.

Tips for success

  • Dress for Success – make your first impression a professional and lasting impression!
  • Always allow for enough time to reach your assignment promptly.
  • Be confident, walk with a positive attitude.
  • Lull in your workday? Ask your supervisor if you can assist with other projects. Your willingness to take on additional work will be appreciated.
  • When or if your job description changes – call UNITEMP® immediately.
  • Complete your time record daily and submit promptly at the end of each week.

Call UNITEMP® if you have any questions or need any additional information regarding your employment.

Remember to refer a friend for bonus rewards.