FAQ for UNITEMP® Candidates

I’ve never worked as a temporary before, how does it work?

UNITEMP® is primarily a temporary help service, so our assignments are predominantly temporary in nature. We require all of our employees to have a minimum of two years of office experience.

You will start by uploading your resume and entering your application data online. You will also complete evaluations online followed by an in-person interview. During your interview, we will discuss your work history, software knowledge and availability. When you come in, you need to bring a copy of your resume and two forms of ID to complete the government required I-9 form.

Do I have to accept an assignment?

No. You are not obligated to commit, however UNITEMP® is making an offer because you may have indicated you are available and because we believe you are a good fit for the assignment. If you are not interested, able to commit, or don’t feel comfortable with the skills needed or geographic area, we will consider you for future assignments.

Do you charge me a fee?

No. You are never charged a fee. The only withholdings from your salary are taxes as mandated by the state and federal governments as related to your W-4 information.

Do you have benefits?

Yes. UNITEMP® temporaries have the ability to participate in our 401(k) savings plan. When you apply, the benefits will be explained in further detail.

Is there any possibility that I would be hired full time by your customer?

Yes and No. There are occasions when our employees have been offered and hired full time by our customers, but this is not a given. Being hired is a possibility depending on being in the right place at the right time. There is no guarantee of being hired, nor is there a guarantee as to the length of an assignment.

Can I work for you and other temporary services at the same time?

Yes. If we offer you an assignment and you accept, we expect you will fulfill your commitment to UNITEMP® and our customer. If you are not on an assignment, and another service offers you work, you certainly are free to accept. If you are on assignment for UNITEMP®, we would expect you are not going to leave your assignment without notice. We work on the trust factor and expect you will too.

How do I get paid?

As a UNITEMP® temporary employee, you will be paid on an hourly basis each week. UNITEMP® Payroll Department MUST receive your completed time record by Monday at 9:00 a.m. following the week worked. You are paid the week following the work performed. Pay rates are based upon the job description and skills needed to do the job. If you have any questions regarding your time record, direct deposit or paycheck, call us to discuss with a Staffing Professional.

Have more questions? UNITEMP® is here to help! Contact us today.