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Four Ways a Staffing Professional Can Facilitate Your Job Search

Looking for work?  Then you know that it’s tough out there. But fortunately, you don’t have to conduct your job search alone.  Staffing specialists are committed to your success and can facilitate your job search in a number of ways: Career guidance.  Re-entering the workforce?  Just out of college?  Laid off?  If you fall into… Read More »

Temporary Help Validated with Pre-Employment Testing

You know him.  That temporary employee, who, on paper looks great – years of experience, just the right skill set, a real “team player” – but on the job?  Not quite as impressive. Over the years, many of UNITEMP’s clients have shared stories of how other staffing services have sent them workers who just didn’t… Read More »

Seasonal Help: Why You Should Plan Your Staffing Needs Now

Admittedly, it may be a little early to light a Yule log.  But if you’re in the customer service, administrative/clerical, hospitality, shipping/delivery, inventory or technology/finance industries, you’re probably headed for a busy – if not your busiest – time of year.  If you’re going to require extra help this holiday season, it’s definitely not too… Read More »


Leading NJ Staffing Firm Helps Employers, Employees Weather the Recession and Slow Recovery Hackensack, NJ – While leading economists debate over whether or not we’re “double-dipping,” UNITEMP Temporary Personnel focuses on designing smart staffing solutions to help both employers and employees weather these tough economic times. The leading New Jersey staffing service continues to provide… Read More »

Mistakes at Work: How to Handle Things the Right Way

Everybody makes mitsakes (oops, that should read “mistakes”). But while a blog typo may be easily forgiven, other mistakes on the job can have serious consequences – for you, your boss, or even the company as a whole.  And frankly, the way you handle your slip-up can be just as critical as the mistake itself.… Read More »

Test the Temps with UNITEMP’s Guarantee

UNITEMP is an independently owned staffing service dedicated to serving the needs of New Jersey employers.  Our mission is to be the strong “flexible staffing” partner you deserve.  Simply put, we’re committed to your success. One way we fulfill that commitment is by resolving problems quickly and completely.  While we’re confident in the quality and… Read More »

Temp-to-Hire Conversions 101

Several weeks ago, I posted an entry on why temp-to-perm may not yield the best hire.  In that post, I recommend getting a temporary immediately and simultaneously beginning your search for your full-time employee.  And if the temporary works out to be THE person, that’s great – you can address the option of converting that individual when… Read More »


Social Media Helps Leading NJ Staffing Firm Connect with Clients, Employees Hackensack, NJ – You have one new friend request.  UNITEMP Temporary Personnel invites you to “Friend” their Facebook fan page.  While millions are using Facebook to keep in touch with friends, the leading New Jersey temporary and contract staffing firm is using this social… Read More »

Improve Your Staffing Results: Educate Direct Employees, Take Advantage of Training

Temporary employees can be a great asset to your organization.  They can help you meet critical deadlines, fill-in for unplanned absences and free your core staff to focus on their most important tasks. But if your company uses large numbers of temporary employees, it’s easy for your direct staff to fall into an “Us vs. Them” mentality.  And… Read More »

The BLS Monthly Situation: What It Is and Why You Should Follow It

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information coming at you each day? With the barrage of data pouring in from newspapers, TV, the internet, social media, RSS feeds, e-mails, voicemails and good-old-fashioned face-to-face meetings, finding the critical information you need amidst all the “white noise” can be exhausting. Take the BLS Monthly Employment… Read More »