UNITEMP® Forms, Tools & Calculators

As a valued UNITEMP® customer, this section of our website is just for you. Here you will find the tools you need to make working with UNITEMP® work for you.

Request an Employee

Three simple steps to a detailed and comprehensive employee request. Use our Budget Calculator to generate hourly, overtime, weekly, monthly, and yearly cost projections per individual employee and for all employees. Start here.

Temp Help Cost Calculator

This calculator is designed to help calculate the human resource costs associated with a project, as well as ongoing costs of contingent staffing.

Overtime Savings Calculator

At UNITEMP®, we offer all of our customers our exclusive NO PREMIUM ON OVERTIME program. If you have temporaries on staff for more than 40 hours per week, we can save you lots of money. How much? This calculator will show you the exact savings UNITEMP® offers.

UNIPLAN® Interactive Rate Quote

Prefer to find and select personnel on your own but prefer not to put employee(s) on your own payroll? Then UNIPLAN® may be for you. No need to call. Use our online form to get a rate quote for your next hire.

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