Electronics Firm Call Center

Customer maintained a national call center for consumer electronics. The department was managed independently of the HR department, coordinating its own temporary workforce in excess of 50 call representatives.

UNITEMP was the majority service provider to the Electronics Corporate center.

Due to ongoing staffing difficulties in the call center and HR’s ultimate responsibility for staffing the company as a whole, HR mandated that the call center must utilize UNITEMP’S services to assist in their long-range staffing. Call Center management was opposed to the mandate and looked to make it difficult for UNITEMP to succeed.

The first job order received was for a 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. bilingual Spanish call center representative in a geographic area where bilingual staff were not readily available. Over the coming months, the call center management began to rely heavily on UNITEMP for its success in meeting its customers’ needs on an ongoing basis. Together, UNITEMP and the customer developed a special program for recruiting and evaluating prospective call center representatives which reduced turnover and improved service.

After three years of success, the corporation made a determination to move the center to the Chicago area, by this time UNITEMP’s temporary workforce accounted for 90% of the call representatives.