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Turn Your Next Temporary or Contract Assignment into a Job Offer

If you’re looking for a full-time job, there are two things you shouldn’t do: Don’t let disappointing employment figures and talks of a double-dip recession dishearten you. Don’t rule out temporary or contract assignments. In a tough economy, temporary and contract positions offer a viable path to direct employment.  Why?  More and more, employers are… Read More »

Turning the Tables: Questions Candidates Should Ask a Staffing Service

How many years of experience do you have?  What kind of work are you looking for?  How many hours per week are you available? As a candidate registering for employment with a staffing service, you expect to answer questions like these during the interview process.  But did you know that you should also come prepared… Read More »

Finding a Job During a Recession – Tips for New Jersey Job Seekers

Let’s face it, looking for a job during a recession can be a bit draining. But the reality is, there are a lot of greats jobs available throughout New Jersey. Here are five quick, easy, and really useful ideas to help you stay afloat and find the job you want: Put your best foot forward. When it comes to… Read More »