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Profitable Temporaries: Ways Temps Can Drive Profits in Your Organization

Admittedly, business is not quite “booming” again, yet. But if your business is like most in New Jersey, you’ve probably maxed out the productivity of your existing workforce.  Budget cuts, layoffs and uncertainty about the recovery have forced employers to stretch their core workforces to the limit.  If increasing productivity of core staff isn’t feasible… Read More »

Biggest Challenges Facing HR in the Next Decade

What do you think will be the biggest challenges facing HR during the next decade? This is one of the questions posed in a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management titled “Challenges Facing Organizations and HR in the Next 10 Years.” The survey responses, gathered from 449 HR professionals, show that: Getting and… Read More »


Short-Term and Temporary Personnel Boosting 2011 Profits for New Jersey Employers Hackensack, NJ – UNITEMP Temporary Personnel is delivering a much-needed economic “dose of reality” to help bolster the health of New Jersey’s economy.  The leading temporary staffing service promotes the use of short-term and part-time temporary personnel and is now reporting that customers taking… Read More »

Make Finding a Job Your Full-Time Job

Let’s be honest – finding the right job opportunity is hard work. Today’s job hunt is about more than just posting résumés and calling a few work contacts.  Finding your dream job involves a combination of leveraging employment opportunities through a staffing service like UNITEMP, networking with second and third generation decision makers, and good old-fashioned hard work.… Read More »

Best Practices for Managing Contract Employees

If yours is like most forward-thinking companies, you are integrating contract employees with direct staff to maximize resources and meet project objectives.  But are you getting the best results from your contract staff?  To get the most from your contract personnel, you must understand their motivations and develop a culture in which they can succeed.… Read More »

The Business Advantages of Temporary On-Demand Personnel

If your business is like most, you’ve already tightened your belt, trimming your core staff and budgets, to weather the recession.  You’re running a “lean and mean” organization – with just enough people to get the job done. This is a great position to be in from an expense standpoint, but what are your plans when business picks back… Read More »

Tips for Creating an Empowered Workplace

As a manager, you know that empowered employees: have the authority, and take the initiative, to make sound business decisions; are energetic, passionate and committed to doing a great job; are creative and innovative problem solvers; continually strive to improve quality, productivity and morale; all because they feel personally rewarded for doing so. But while… Read More »

Using Temporary Employees to Drive Profits: A Case Study

Demand drives profit.  Cost-containment drives profit.  Efficient processes drive profit. But can temporaries drive profits? Absolutely.  By deploying the right staffing strategy, you can greatly enhance your ability to control costs, improve productivity and manage risk. Need proof?  If so, you’ll appreciate the following case study of a business that discovered the profitable benefits of… Read More »

Teambuilding: Seven Steps to Motivate & Improve Performance

Question:  What’s the one thing you can do to motivate employees, build camaraderie, and strengthen leadership – all while helping your staff understand company goals and vision? Answer:  Hold a team-building event.  It’s a great way to boost the morale and spirit of any group.  And (despite the collective groan I can hear echoing through… Read More »

Ready to Work: Supply Chain Professional; Administrative Specialist; Executive Assistant

The following candidates are motivated, experienced, and ready to go to work for you: LOGISTICS, TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION PROFESSIONAL Doug is an accomplished supply chain professional with a proven track record managing logistics, corporate transportation, 3PL outsourcing, distribution, customer service, freight audit, bill pay and warehousing.  His strengths include: Reducing costs while increasing service and productivity,… Read More »