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Using Temporary Employees to Drive Profits: A Case Study

Demand drives profit.  Cost-containment drives profit.  Efficient processes drive profit. But can temporaries drive profits? Absolutely.  By deploying the right staffing strategy, you can greatly enhance your ability to control costs, improve productivity and manage risk. Need proof?  If so, you’ll appreciate the following case study of a business that discovered the profitable benefits of… Read More »

Results at Work: UNITEMP Facilitates a Controlled, Cost-Effective and Simplified Takeover

At UNITEMP, we want to make staffing simpler and more effective for you.  We examine the challenges you face in your business, and then develop solutions that deliver the results you need.  The following case study demonstrates our Results at Work: The Problem: Poised to acquire one of its largest competitors, a grocery chain in the Northeast faced several… Read More »