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The ASA Staffing Index: Timely Employment Trend Info for NJ Employers

How’s business?  The ASA Staffing Index can help you answer this question. The ASA Staffing Index, developed by the American Staffing Association, provides a current measure of staffing industry employment trends.  Published weekly, the index estimates the weekly changes in the number of people employed in temporary and contract work. Index numbers are reported just… Read More »

Just the Facts: Temporary Employee Staffing Statistics from the ASA

Are you a temporary or contract employee?  Considering taking the plunge?  If so, here are a few key staffing statistics from the American Staffing Association you may find interesting: 2.66 million people are employed by staffing companies each day. 79% of staffing employees work full-time (virtually the same as the rest of the work force). 66% of… Read More »