FAQ for Employers

I’ve never used a temporary, how does it work?

All UNITEMP® needs to start the process is a complete job description of what the temporary employee will be doing, skills needed to do the job and levels of responsibility.

In order to open your account, we will provide you with our terms and conditions outlining both UNITEMP® and customer responsibilities. Upon receipt of that document, we will begin searching for the right person for the assignment, we will call you with their name, review and discuss their qualifications, and coordinate so they report beginning on the day and time you have designated.

The temporary employee will present an electronic time record to you for the hours they have worked that week. After review of the hours, and approval, the temporary will be paid and an invoice will be emailed or mailed.

How quickly can you find me a person?

Upon receipt of a signed terms and conditions agreement, we will immediately initiate a search. UNITEMP® will update you within an hour concerning the status of your order, this will be followed by continuous updates. We will put all our resources into finding the best match to your job and keeping you updated on our results.

When you find someone can I see their resume?

UNITEMP® personally interviews all temporary employees in an extensive face-to-face interview. In addition, we will conduct a thorough skills evaluation using IBM Kenexa Prove It, a nationally validated testing software program. We use a defined selection process including a complete review of work history, skills, duties, abilities, as well as interpersonal/communications skills. At UNITEMP®, we take care of screening and evaluation of the temporary employee who is going to work on your assignment. Reviewing their resume will not tell you what their skills and abilities are, our assessment will.

How do you find your temporary employees?

UNITEMP® has been recruiting temporary help since 1969. We have an extremely large network of talented employees that is continually expanding through the use of a combination of resources including: classified newspapers, online and hard copy directory advertising, our website, and other recruitment sites that may include monster.com, dice.com, careerbuilder.com, indeed.com, simplyhired.com and others, referrals from temporaries and customers, Internet links, schools, state organizations and job boards, and other recruitment sources.

What if I want to hire the temporary on a full-time basis?

You have the FREEDOM TO HIRE! UNITEMP® makes a large investment in marketing, advertising, sales, recruiting, screening, testing, training and retaining top qualified temporary employees. We do not encourage our customers to hire our employees away from us, but when our customer is interested, we offer our Freedom to Hire option.

How long can I keep the temporary?

You can keep the temporary employee as long as you have the need. When we take a job order, we will ask you the potential length of assignment. Potential meaning neither you as the customer, nor UNITEMP® as an employer, can guarantee continuing work. Of course anything can happen, especially on a long-term assignment – your need could change to less time, or additional time, also the temporary employee’s status can change and they may no longer be available. At that time we would make an immediate replacement to complete the assignment.

How much will it cost?

Pricing depends on a number of factors, foremost is the job description and the skills needed to accomplish the task. Once we have a complete job description, agreement to basic terms and conditions and a credit check we will be able to give you an idea as to the pricing involved. You only pay for the hours that a temporary works. UNITEMP® handles and takes responsibility for and pays all mandated taxes, insurances, unemployment, compensation, and disability insurances.

What guarantees do you make on your temporary employees?

UNITEMP® provides a FULL TWO-DAY GUARANTEE. If, before the end of the second day a temporary is on the assignment, you are not pleased with their performance, just call us and we will take the temporary off the job. The temporary will be paid but you will not be billed.

Do you have other questions? We’re glad to help! Contact UNITEMP® today.