What other customers have to say about working with UNITEMP®

EZ Pass Testing - Faced with the challenge of recruiting drivers for a difficult, tedious assignment, UNITEMP was able to show candidates the value of the assignment, thereby guaranteeing an acceptable number of drivers. This resulted in UNITEMP helping the state of New Jersey become the first state in the nation to install the EZ-Pass process for toll collection by providing a guaranteed number of drivers.
Electronics Firm Call Center - UNITEMP was able to help an electronics call center reduce turnover and improve service by overcoming management opposition to the changes in hiring policies and by working with the customer to develop a successful recruiting and evaluation program.
Large Multinational Food Chain - This customer decided to move most of its corporate staff 20 miles. Many existing full-time administrative support staff chose not to move with the company. UNITEMP was used to provide several temporary administrative assistants at the new location; the project went well and several people were hired. It was clear that they needed consistent and… Read More »
Market Research / Testing Company - UNITEMP was able to assist a client with a market-research and appointment-setting project by providing temporary customer service representatives with various specializations, therefore, creating a lasting relationship with the company.
Property and Casualty Insurance Company - This company decided to transfer all of its paper files to digital images. The customer requested four temporary employees to help prepare documents. This tedious project was to last approximately six months. In all, UNITEMP Temporary Personnel supplied eight temporary employees to work on this project. The project was a success.
Major Financial Services Business - When a major financial services company was faced with a hiring freeze and a planned relocation, they contacted UNITEMP. UNITEMP was able to help this company overcome the pressure of the hiring freeze by providing unique temporary staff, helping managers meet staffing budget goals.
Big 6 Accounting Firm, HR Benefits Administration - UNITEMP helped a Big 6 Benefits Administrator by presenting well-fitted candidates to handle open enrollments, while at the same time providing their No Premium On Overtime policy to help the company realize a savings of $100,000 over a three-year period.
Savings Bank Going Public - A private bank was in need of a temporary team of customer service representatives to assist depositors and employees in their transition to a public bank. UNITEMP was able to provide a quality contingent workforce with the appropriate skills to get the job done.

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