Innovative Staffing Program Saves New Jersey Employers Almost $1,000,000.00 in 20 Years

Hackensack, NJ – In a time where the cost of everything from gas to health insurance is skyrocketing, UNITEMP Temporary Personnel continues to help New Jersey employers save big on their contingent labor when they need it most, at the end of the week.  The leading temporary staffing service is getting ready to celebrate 20 years of delivering No Premium on Overtime to its clients.

In 1991, Ted Kissel, President of UNITEMP, pioneered the NPOT concept because he felt uncomfortable gouging his valued clients beginning on the 41st hour with overtime premium bill rates.  “I decided to propose eliminating overtime premiums,” said Kissel.  “Our customers need our temporaries to finish their work on Friday, but often the temporaries have reached 40 hours by lunch time.  Staffing company profits generated by automatically increasing a $20.00 bill rate to $30.00 after 40 hours are great – but tough to justify to the customer’s CFO.”  Not surprisingly, his profit reducing idea was not well-received by his boss at the time, Ted Kissel, Sr.  “I realized that my future in the family business was at risk.   I repackaged and represented No Premium On Overtime as a differentiator for sales and as a customer retention program.  I made the sale.”

Kissel convinced his father that NPOT for staffing was ethical and a wise business decision.  His brainchild revolutionized the staffing industry and attracted the attention of major temporary help buyers.

Delivering a 33% savings on virtually all temporary help overtime has been a key factor in UNITEMP’s success.  Over the years, customers and their CFOs came to UNITEMP, because they realized that all customers, large and small, could achieve great results and big savings.  “We never looked back, and now 20 years later we continue to charge No Premium on Overtime (the same rate for the 55th hour as we do for the 1st hour of the week).  The cost to us is huge.  But, the overall value is even bigger in terms of customer retention and loyalty,” says the younger Kissel, who has served as UNITEMP’s President since 1995.

Kissel’s clients are extremely thankful that he stuck to his guns all those years ago.  UNITEMP estimates that, since the NPOT program began 20 years ago, they’ve saved New Jersey employers almost $1,000,000.00.  How much could UNITEMP save your organization?

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